About Me

I firmly believe that one should have a burning desire to achieve something in life. In 1981 when I joined Bharat Aluminium Company Limited,(BALCO) everything seemed so difficult and far. However, deep within me I had a strong determination to move ahead. After more than three and a half decades, I have reached a level in my career which is much more than I had dreamt of. I am currently serving BALCO as Associate Vice President and I head the Community Relations Portfolio of the Company. When I look back on this illustrious journey of nearly 35 years and think as to what got me where I am today, a few things make me proud.

I learnt early in my career that one must establish sincere relationships. This requires sacrifice, patience and humility. I had all these in me and all together they helped me become a good human being also. To be understood by people, you need to understand them first. My communication skills are very simple. I don’t rely on vocabulary but on feelings. My feelings touch people. People tell me that I make them feel important. They develop good feelings for me and listen to me. This helps me form strong teams.

In my career span, I have had wonderful people above and below me. If you give respect, you’re bound to get it back. Today, people are willing to go any length for me. It is only because of my sincere relationships with people that I can make my teams perform and move the organisation closer to its goals.

Somebody has rightly said ‘Imagine with all your mind, believe with all your heart and achieve with all your might’.